Technology Showcase Finalists

MIG Reveals MEMS & Sensors Technology Showcase Finalists at MEMS Executive Congress US

The MEMS Executive Congress is an annual event held in the USA since 1998. The event is meant for different business leaders who come from different industries, like communication, the auto-industry, environment, and energy, medicine, consumer goods, manufacturing, etc.

The Congress represents an exchange of ideas between the CEOs of companies that make and develop MEMS devices and sensors. End-customers or users of the devices are also invited to participate in panel discussions to discuss different ideas with the company leaders. It represents a great way of networking between the developers and consumers.

The Congress has seen some of the most astonishing high-tech devices being presented in the shows which made it to the finale showcase. The sophisticated features of the devices are being assessed, and their performance is put to the test, whereby Congress visitors get to see how amazing some devices are.

MonBaby Breathing and Rollover Monitor

This device was presented in 2015 and was one of the hits of the show. The device can be attached to any part of the clothing of the baby and controls the baby’s breathing. The device detects and reveals to parents any irregularities that may happen from the position of the baby to temperature. And it all works via an app. Parents have been sleeping easier and do not have to get up every now and then to check on their baby personally since they have the MonBaby Monitor.

Voltafield Magnetic Sensor

The mini magnetic sensor with ultra-low power consumption (10 times lower than a regular magnetic sensor) comes form Voltafield.. The motion sensing in wearables became a lot easier with this device. It is made of monolithic silicon and consists of 3-axis magnetic sensors integrated with the Wafer Level Chip Scale Package (WLCSP) which enables programmable software.

Bosch eBike Systems

The German company Bosch presented an electronic eBike system which can make the cycling experience better, especially when one is cycling up a hill. The company, in cooperation with others, developed a peddling system aided by electric power which enables uphill cycling with less effort. A microprocessor and 3 sensors are integrated into the pedal system and measure wheel speed, moment of force, and cadence of the cycler 1,000x per second.

Gas Sensor Cambridge CMOS Sensors CCS811

This special sensor is aimed at measuring air quality indoors. The sensor is inbuilt in a low-power device and is made of metal including a microcontroller. It can come in an independent device, or integrated directly into the smartphone, tablet, laptop, wearables, etc. this device can improve health and life quality and is another top-notch invention that drew major attention at the Congress.

Horse Sense Shoes

A horse might not be able to tell you if something is wrong, but one can figure that out via a wearable developed by Horse Sense Shoes. The wearable consists of semiconductor MEMS with multiple sensors like pressure sensor that offer information on the weight and motion of a horse. That can reveal a lot about the horse’s health detecting problems with joints, laminitis and other diseases that could plague a horse. The wearable is placed under the hoof usually.