Technology Showcase

What is the Technology Showcase?

Technology showcase refers to the presentations of products that were developed by well-established companies, startups, or individuals who would like to present their inventions to the top CEOs of MEMS companies that attend the MEMS Congress held every year. The companies are always short one great product, and they are always looking for new innovative devices and ideas that could enhance life quality in any industry or market. The products or its presenters have to make clear which MEMS aspects they are going to demonstrate at the showcase and the manner in which they are going to do it.

The applicants also have to define how their innovations contribute to the high-tech industry and their purpose. The applicants get five minutes each to demonstrate their device to the audience which determines the winner by voting. The selected candidates will be given a chance to participate in the Congress. They get free passes and a table to present their innovation during lunch time. In that way, the applicants are given a chance to present their device to the Congress participants.

Another advantage is that the event is media-covered and photos of each product are taken prior to the Congress. In that way, the selected products get free advertisement via the press. The winner among the selected candidates will also be a member of the MEMS and Sensor Industry Group for an entire year. What amazing devices were featured in the showcase can be found below.

Chirp Microsystems: MEMS-Based Ultrasonic Sensing Solution

The Virtual Reality (VR) is a term coined for everything that is taking place online from social networks to the gaming industry. Especially the gaming industry is place-bound relying on complex computer systems which limit mobility and tracking area since they require high power to operate. Chirp Microsystems came up with a MEMS-based ultrasonic sensing solution to address those gamer needs by inventing VR and AR systems that are mobile, cost-efficient, and applicable to an array of products. The new Time of Flight Technology (ToF) relies on ultrasound and pulses to measure millimeter range.

The ToF sensor accounts for ultra-low energy consumption, as well as for a field-of-view that is very wide and it limits light and noise influence. The highly sophisticated ToF sensor comes as a package consisting of a digital signal processor and a MEMS ultrasound transducer on an integrated circuit.



i-BLADES is a new accessory in the market with a special function. This device lets consumers rapidly access the market of MEMS technologies and Internet of Things. The smartphone accessory is a mobile case that gives quick access to new technology to mobile users. It creates a smartphone platform that connects to the smartphone that enables not only add-on IoT technology but also MEMS technology. New sensors can be added to the smartphone case directly by developers.

Sensitive Gas Sensor

The environment is one of the biggest topics in the MEMS industry and the market as whole tries to tackle the issues that affect the environment directly or indirectly. The ZMOD3250 sensor family is supposed to improve the air quality indoors based on a road map that features outdoor air quality. The ZMOD3250 sensor is able to identify volatile organic compounds and different smells. Gas is measured with the help of a silicon micro-hotplate that features highly sensing material. The innovation comes from Integrated Device Technology (IDT) and the device has been adjusted so that it can be integrated into different consumer devices like appliances, wearables, and of course, mobile phones.