MEMS devices

Why are some MEMS devices successful while others are not?

MEMS have become an integral part of the modern world, and the MEMS industry is still growing rapidly. We are expecting new MEMS devices which will perform even better. The MEMS business counts hundreds of companies and startups that are focused on the MEMS development.

The MEMS & Sensors team of Yole Développement (Yole), the leader in MEMS market research, is targeting more cost-efficient and more integrated devices in the future. The overall objective is to create simpler devices that will replace the complex ones which exhibit a lower level of sensitivity. That can be achieved by using semiconductors and micromachines to make such devices.

According to Yole, successful MEMS development requires meeting several criteria. The requirements include smaller size, better specification, lower costs, and reliability. The process to achieve this target will take another 10 or 15 years.

Dr. Mounier from Yole is positive that micro speakers and gas and ultrasonic sensors will be the next MEMS generation.

MEMS devices

What to Expect in the Following Years?

Since Yole encompasses the biggest MEMS development companies in its group, its data is considered reliable and their predictions display that the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) moves at a 7.3% rate for 2014-2021. According to this calculation, the market will make $920 million by 2021. Gas sensors are especially in the focus of attention, and if they make it into mass consumer production by 2021, then, there is a high chance of an upside market worth $65 million.

Gas Sensors

Gas sensors have been a part of different markets for a long time now, used in industrial safety and defense gas detectors, for example. Still, the gas sensor market has a huge potential, and therefore, it will be targeted in the air quality area, since air quality has become one of the major issues. The industry aims at consumer products like home appliances, smartphones, cars, wearable, and buildings.

What will streamline gas sensor production is better energy management, looking for solutions to improve air quality, looking for solutions of improved oxygen sensors and asthma attack sensors in medicine, as well as oxygen sensors in the transport sector.

We can see here that this market has a realistic chance to outperform expectations since it addresses environmental and health key issues which are priority areas for almost all developed countries.

Progress in Micro speaker Development

Apart from the gas sensors, great hopes are also pinned on the micro speakers. The first step in the direction already took place since silicon speakers are about to be produced in volumes. This innovation holds the potential of a new market worth billions of dollars.

According to the Austrian flagship company, USound, which is already preparing for launching micro speakers in the market, the market will be revolutionized with this invention. They are positive that the micro speakers’ market performance will be similar to the MEMS microphones’ which were a big step and upgraded the market to another level.

Even if USound is a new company, it is run by professionals who have extensive experience in the MEMS industry, and they were focused on MEMS speakers from the beginning. Now, they will try to shift to an audio system developer completely, a company that will have the solutions for every part of production including firmware, hardware, and optimal product performance.

Yole’s Market Research

Yole, as a true market analyst, also participated in two global conferences in September 2016. The Yole team wanted to see what is going on in Asia as well as to contribute to the conference by updating the conference participants on the current and future state of the industry. They also reflected on the Chinese MEMS industry and its significance. Globalization makes the market more accessible and provides for better solutions.