About the Conference - MEMS Executive Congress

MEMS Industry Group, or MIG, is an association of North American MEMS designers, manufacturers, and integrators. The Association will become the unified voice for this sector, functioning as a member-resource, sharing technology roadmaps, global marketing information and state of the industry reports, and it will act as an advocate in public policy issues.

About The Conference

The MEMS Executive Congress is your one-of-a-kind opportunity to connect with the leaders in the business of MEMS. Unlike any other conference, the Congress brings together a wide range of top business leaders from an international, diverse spectrum of industries (bio, automotive, data storage, defense, mobile phones...even golf). You’ll hear from and meet with notable leaders who have made the decision to use MEMS to gain a competitive advantage.

You’ll hear Dan Sheflin, Vice President of Advanced Technologies and CTO, Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions, talk about Honeywell’s very successful MEMS strategy; Dr. Valluri Rao, Technology and Manufacturing Group, Fellow and Director of Microsystems Technologies, Intel, talk about why Intel is investing millions in MEMS; Jean-Christophe Eloy, Managing Director and Founder of Yole Development will divulge critical MEMS market data and forecasts; John VanScoter, TI Senior VP, talk about how DLP became an industry leader -- the list goes on. You can’t afford to miss this singular experience where business leaders come to candidly discuss why they chose MEMS and their strategy for growing their successful companies.

The Congress will be Tuesday, September 20 in Pittsburgh, PA - the day before METRIC, MIG’s annual members meeting and technology conference. The Congress expects to host an intimate group of 100 business and technology leaders.

The Congress is your once-a-year chance to connect with the business decision makers in and around the MEMS industry.  You will hear from keynotes and panelists who will each bring a unique perspective of how to successfully integrate innovative technologies into commercially viable products. You will learn from experienced leaders on how to be ahead of the curve and adapt devices to the market.